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"Like mice in hawk talons, dictators grasp freedoms. With conviction they hunt, seeking prey in the chill of darkness, feeding in a cloak of feathers, and sight honed with critical purpose. The free only escape when hidden, yet out of site the hawk still remains."

Extech is an Hand drawn platformer game that clings to the line of art, politics and culture. It is the year 2025 and in the years prior Americans elected a dictator, the resulting years led to war, disaster and famine for anyone with a pulse. Only those without a heartbeat survived. Extech puts you in the middle of a great war between robots some time after the earths destruction. A world after mankind, a world beyond the clutches of human war and in a world where the fittest still survive... Only now Mechanics Thrive. A mix between Run and Gun and platformer this game will keep you entertained with odd looking characters and a storyline about Bots unintended departure on an adventure against the powers of corruption.

Story Line:

Bot grew up amongst the most loving of families. They were a small family when his father left to fight Biomech, they were made smaller yet when he didn't make it back. Bot, a timid robot thrust into disaster, set out on an impossible task. His objective is to unite two competing robot groups Extech and Biomech. Meanwhile, Voltaire seeks to divide the two by pitting their very instincts to survive against each other .


AD=Move Left/right
W=Jump/Duble Jump
Space in air=kick attacks
Space on ground= Punch attacks
Space on wall= Flip attack
Space While sliding= Flip attack
Down arrow= Duck
Down arrow/ A or D= Slide
Down While in arrow= Ground pound

Left Click=Shoot/selection
Right Click=Skip Dialogue



F1= Full screen

Here are some process drawings of Extech ready to be imported into the game and detailed. I have a stack of papers a little less than two feet tall of images I imported to create the details used in Extech's design.


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